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but more importantly...Get to Know Jess:

Well-before Jess noticed the demand from natural curly haired men and women, she was molding herself for greatness.  She spent 2 years in Birmingham Alabama gaining her Associates of Science in the culinary arts and an additional 2 years honing her skills in fine dining restaurants.  Not stopping, she moved home to Sacramento, taking a break from food and worked to receive her California State Board License from Cosmo Beauty Academy.  

This was not the end of her learning.  She continued on to receive a BS in hospitality management and years of experience in both fields.  She spent time in Atlanta where she worked as a private chef and continued working in fine dining at a Michelin star restaurant in Napa.  3 years were spent at Cordon Bleu as a lead instructor and all of this was before moving to Switzerland in 2014.  Only then did she realize that all of these different experiences were meant to become one.

On top of this quest, as a professional hairstylist with expat friends, she noticed that she wasn’t alone.


Going from relaxed to natural in 2011, Jess searched for a hair care system that was affordable and readily available in Europe. A product that was tailored just for her. Now she is able to share her ideas and experience with you all.  As providers and parents, we are in search of more natural hair and body products for our families. This is what Charlotte Noire strives to deliver.

“As an American professional hairstylist, I could see that I was not the only “naturally curly girl” in Europe searching for a solution.” 

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