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Influencing The Best Version of You: Meet Mélinda, A Charlotte Who Wants You to Love On Yourself

Instagram and TikTok influencer and OG Charlotte, Mélinda with her Charlotte Noire products.

Combining powers to empower

We love spreading love, and we are a community-centered business focusing on helping every curly-haired person discover or reaffirm self-love. Our haircare line was created with a simple idea: that we want to support every person with textured hair in their journey towards loving their hair exactly as it grows out of their head, and that with knowledge-sharing and solid, high-quality products, we can make that dream a reality. We created what we were looking for and what we needed.

So when we had the chance to link up with Mélinda, a lifestyle and beauty influencer, we were excited to combine our powers and passions to spread our messages even further. And now, we would like to formally introduce you to this ray of sunshine, in her own words. Read on to learn about Mélinda, what she does and her outlook for 2023. This conversation has been lightly edited for continuity and clarity.

Meet Mélinda, a Charlotte on a mission

Charlotte Noire: Tell our audience about yourself. Who is Mélinda? Mélinda: I’m Mélinda, a curly mixed girl, between France and Cameroon, I'm a kind content creator, with a goal to help women be the best version of themselves 👑

Charlotte Noire: How old are you? Mélinda: 29 in few days 💎

Charlotte Noire: Where are you from? Mélinda: [I'm] from Metz, in France.

A memorable event

Mélinda at the Charlotte Noire Haircare Product Launch in November 2022.

Charlotte Noire: How did you come into contact with Charlotte Noire? Mélinda: I knew Charlotte Noire thanks to the satin bonnet of the Box Ma Curl Routine. By identifying the brand in my Story, Jess contacted me to send me other products from the range 🥰

Charlotte Noire: What is your favorite Charlotte Noire original and why? Mélinda: I don't think I can choose between CN products because I really love them all so much 🥹

Charlotte Noire: What was your experience at the Charlotte Noire Haircare product launch? Mélinda: For me, the launch was a memorable day! It was an incredible event, and it remains one of my fondest memories of 2022 🥰

Charlotte Noire: What was most memorable to you about the launch? Mélinda: I think that’s when I first met Jess. But also, when I went to lock myself in the toilet because I was [so] overwhelmed with emotions realizing the moment I was living 🥹

Charlotte Noire: This was your first time meeting Jess in person! What was your first impression from that meeting? Mélinda: I was so honored to meet Jess! What struck me at first sight was her energy; [it's] similar to mine. She is very solar and very charismatic ✨

Looking forward to 2023

With a smile that can light up a room, Mélinda is a kind content creator spreading a message of self love.

Charlotte Noire: How do you envision 2023 (personally and/or professionally)? Mélinda: I would like 2023 to be the year of my rebirth. I really want to move to Paris, and take care of myself at all levels this year.

Charlotte Noire: What are your goals as an influencer for 2023? Mélinda: I would like to be even closer to my community, where even more women accept and love themselves for who they are; show even more facets of my real life, and collaborate with beautiful brands with beautiful values. I would like to continue to inspire authenticity and kindness towards oneself and towards others 🦋💖

Charlotte Noire: What do you plan on continuing in 2023? Mélinda: I want to continue to remain myself, to evolve in all areas of my life, and to help others so that I can feel at peace 🦋

Follow Mélinda's journey

Spreading a message of self love, Mélinda is pumping out regular content that is mood-boosting, reaffirming and high vibrational, to the massess. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for her inspiring messages of self-acceptance.

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