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Year in Review: Looking Back at 2022

Here we all are, « at the end of the road » -Boyz II Men. Can you truly make a full recap of 2022 without thinking about your curls ? We hope that a slice of Charlotte Noire is in there somewhere.

As I reflect on this year, I am reminded of all of the beautiful chats, the amazing connections and of some of the setbacks. Today I share with you some of our accomplishments, our « BEST OF 2022 » and the 2023 projects.

Every years goals for CN have started with a year in review with new goals tagged on and we have crushed them ! That doesn’t mean that it was easy or that drawbacks were not faced. It means by any means necessary, I didn’t give up.

We went from an independent company to a SARL (LLC). In Switzerland, this is not as easy as in the U.S.A. There is a ton of paperwork involved and it can be overwhelming for a small company. We will always head toward growth in all areas and we hope you’re down for the ride.

More Curl Sanctuary support. This means more stylist to fulfill your curly needs. I remember sitting at the salon for 1 week straight with no clients. I remained hopeful. I continued to find new ways to bring in new clients. WORD OF MOUTH has proven to be the BEST. Thank you to all of you who have shared the Sanctuary Vibes. In addition, the entire support and pillars of CN have been absolute rock stars. CN growth wouldn’t be possible without you. ❤️

Another triump to note is the launch of the CN original product line. It never gets old telling the origin story. I’m pregnant, on bed rest, making product in my kitchen. Then, I couldn’t see exactly where Charlotte Noire would go but I knew that my kitchen was not the only space it would be in. With some set backs and many do overs, the launch happened in November 2022. It was sweet and emotional. Nothing can ever take away the feeling of accomplishing something at this magnitude than that moment of seeing a room full of Charlottes sharing and laughing. You all ROCK !

To finish, 2023 looks promising. Looks like more products coming your way, more service support at the salon, larger space for curly services and events. If you would like to make suggestions for 2023, we’re all curls. How does a CN retreat sound ?

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