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Hair & Body Butter Balm


Charlotte Noire


Family body and hair care

Swiss produced all-natural product


Our 100% natural Hair and body butter balm is perfect for sealing in moisture from your hair down to your toes.


Directions: Apply to damp hair and/or body as needed. Can be used as a daily moisturizer.

This hair strengthening balm is ideal for all year around, especially in dry climates




Our story


Going from relaxed to natural, Jess Cali searched for a hair care system that was affordable and readily available in Europe. As mothers, we are in search of more natural body and hair products for our families. This is what Charlotte Noire strives to deliver.


“As an American professional hairstylist, I could see that I was not the only “naturally curly girl” in Europe searching for a solution.” – Jess Cali


Charlotte Noire is all women- strong, independent, family oriented, a mother, sister, friend, daughter, lover and creator.