Sham-Free Hair & Scalp Cleanser™ is a 100% sulfate free, Curl-by-Curl Method™ detangling conditioning cleanser, generously infused with plant based botanicals, starring the Resurrection Plant. Sham-Free detangles and detoxifies as it nourishes and moisturizes, resulting in a refreshingly clean scalp and hydrated hair.
Sham-Free™ is the first step in the three-step CurlyWorld™ process.
How to absorb me at my best:
Wet hair thoroughly and apply Sham-Free™ over the hair canopy, allowing it to absorb. Add extra product to fingertips and apply directly to the scalp and massage well, gently removing dirt residue, sweat or buildup. Rinse. This can also be used as a pre-cleanser on dry hair. Follow with our hyper-hydrating Terms & Conditions™ and style and shine with Leave in Lover™.

CW sham-free cleanser



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