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Charlotte Noire Products

These products are available NOW !!!

Our range of Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, Curl Hydrator and Curl serum are formulated with the goal of healthy, happy and hydrated hair in mind. Find out all about the Charlotte Noire Haircare range, and learn how they could help you on your journey to hair health. 

The Curl Sanctuary

Our original Hair Salon, located in Lancy, within the canton of Geneva, Switzerland: The Curl Sanctuary provides a beautiful space away from home where you can be pampered just like you deserve. 

We specialise in all kinds of Curly hair, from kinks to curls to coils and offer a range of services to get the best from your curls. This includes: Curly Cuts, Hair Color, Natural Hairstyles, Braids and some great combos. 

We are a community of curly-conscious individuals who love our textured hair and want to take care of it in the best way possible. 

We share knowledge tips and know-how in our interactive, online community and would love to have you join us, so that we can empower each other to give our kinks, curls and coils the love and care they deserve. 

We also hold regular events at The Sanctuary and if you are local to Geneva or are travelling in the area, we would love to see you there!

The Curly Conscious Collective 

Curly Conscious News (CCN)

Curly Conscious Events

Welcome to Charlotte Noire

Charlotte Noire is more than just a hair brand. Created to respond to the unmet needs of the European curly-haired community, we are making curly hair care accessible, one strand at a time.  

Our range of products has been created with every curl in mind and we have even included expert videos within our store, to ensure you have the knowledge to get the best out of them for every single of one your unique curls. 

Curly-conscious (adj.)– The state of being informed about curly hair care.

Charlotte Noire

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We send a monthly newsletter with all of our latest developments, product tips, event announcements and more.

Sanctuary Sessions

New to Charlotte Noire, our very own Podcast! Charlotte Noire is excited to bring Sanctuary Sessions - a space to talk about everyday life, share thoughts, ideas and sometimes we’ll talk curl care. A kind of virtual ‘salon space’ for fun, enlightening and inspiring conversations.

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