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About Us

Created by a professionally trained chef and hairstylist, Charlotte Noire cultivates curly-conscious communities through knowledge-sharing and ​easy-to-use natural products that provide accessible, healthy hair care solutions for everyone with kinks, curls and coils.


Founded to respond to the unmet needs of the curly hair community in Europe, our locally produced hair care products provide accessible, eco-conscious solutions, getting back to the basics of simple curly hair care and styling.

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Charlotte (noun) – Any person attaining curly-consciousness; learning how to take care of textured hair.

Charlotte Noire

Charlotte Noire Brand

Rooted in a love of community and service, Charlotte Noire is more than just a hair care brand, we are a collective of curly-conscious people, dedicated to sharing information about curly hair care and promoting curly hair pride.


Each Charlotte Noire product is accompanied with access to a quick explanatory tutorial video that takes the guesswork out its use. At the Curl Sanctuary - our hair salon in Switzerland - our clients get first-hand instruction in how to use Charlotte Noire products in real time, as they are being applied to the client’s hair in the salon.

Meet the Founder

Like every Entrepreneur, Jessica Dupertuis has a story of how she came to create the Charlotte Noire brand. 

Find out what inspired her to create her own Haircare line and learn how to cut curly hair.

Sustainability and Charity

For Charlotte Noire, curly-consciousness means encouraging environmental consciousness too. Adopting environmentally friendly practices is another way we take care of our community.


Here’s how:


  • Our products are made from responsibly sourced natural ingredients that prioritize the health of your hair and our environment


  • Our packaging is made from materials that can be reused and recycled


  • Under our refillable program, local clients get a discount when they refill product recipients - reducing waste and use of plastic materials


  • Cloth scraps left over from our bonnets are repurposed and used to make quilts


We are creating a curly-conscious collective. Through knowledge-sharing and our easy to use natural products, we provide accessible, eco-conscious haircare solutions; empowering everyone whose hair bends, curls or tightly twists to take care of their tresses.


We envision a world filled with curly-conscious communities.


We envision a world filled with curly-conscious communities, where everyone whose hair bends, curls or tightly twists has access to everything they need to take care of their tresses.

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