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Mom & I at the Sanctuary

Introduction needed

It was very important to me to share this blogging space with others that wanted their stories told (curly hair or not). I would like to introduce you to our 8 years young, intelligent and kind blogger, Imani. What is so precious about this post is that the moment I asked for her to contribute, she responded with haste, YEEESSSSS! And when she was ready, she knocked it out! Thank you Imani for sharing your experience with me and the Sanctuary! Love you lots young lady! Proud Auntie moment.

These are her words as she intended for them to be read.

Dear readers no no no I can't start like that...then what to start with ...Hi! My name is Imani and I'm writing a piece for Miss Jessica Cali's blog.

I'm 8yrs old and I love fashion,writing stories, beanie boos,LOLs, and my lil sis Isla. Half of my full name is Imani Amara ( but that's not my full name ) but I'm better known as DJ Amara and I have a lil sis her name is Isla MonRose ( but that's not her full name ) but she's better known as Jr DJ or JDJ ( Jr DJ ) Isla. I used to go to other salons but now i go to... Curl Sanctuary its absolutely fab and my auntie Jess is the owner if you see her she's gorgeous and she's real nice she has a good American accent and I do to I expect I'm British! So is my lil sis . She just got her passport from the UK ! Though I was born there... Anyway enough about me. I think if you think that you should get your hair done go to Curl Sanctuary I'm almost positive you'll like it...

Imani & Isla enjoying sister to sister time

So I used to go and get my hair done at other salons and they pulled my hair and burnt it and I think gave it a small perm so the last time I went that was it ... I couldn't hold it anymore so after they had finished I told my mama '' I can't resist anymore they're really hurting my scalp I'm not going ANYMORE period. Luckily mama had a backup plan. So when she thought my hair needed to get done we went to another salon. This time it was Curl Sanctuary my mama's friend had her own company! She did my hair and I remember exactly the hairstyle I had I was soooo cute in that hairstyle now I'm sure your asking your self " what does this auntie Jess look like ? "Well she has: dark soft brown eyes and she very very very very VERY nice. If you don't like this maybe you pressed the dislike button by accident ... but I hope you go to curl sanctuary to get your hair done. Ohh my Auntie Jess asked if I can add some pics of me... Here they are ➡️⬇️


Well...Jr DJ... And ...DJ Amara... KK those are our pics hope you like them. Awwwww she's smiling for you guys. I'll be sure to write another blog about Curl Sanctuary... But for now ... Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

- Imani

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2023

Lovely pic. Thanks for sharing Imani!

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