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Curly Girls Unite: Support the Charlotte Noire Crowdfunding Campaign

Are you wondering why you should back the #LivingOurCurlyDreams campaign on We Make It? We are featuring Charlottes who are backing the Charlotte Noire Crowdfunding campaign and over the next month, we will find out what it means to them to be able to expand the line.

"Your hair," she says, pulling it and laughing. When I was young, I didn't love my curls the way I do now. Growing up curly, in a community that had no idea how to take care of my hair was stressful. People brought Frizz Ease as a Christmas Present and called me ugly. For years of my life, I straightened every inch of my curls, because growing up, I was told that my curls were not desirable. Please check out our podcast episode to hear more.

When I was 29, my best friend started to wear her hair the natural way. It looked beautiful and so authentically her. I also wanted to learn how to figure out my curls and went through close to 20 different brands to do this. Although I got close, I never quite succeeded. Moving to Switzerland meant I struggled to find stock of the products that worked best for me.

In 2020, I discovered The Curl Sanctuary by Charlotte Noire through Instagram and my hair started to improve through each cut that was done. Then last year in 2022, Charlotte Noire launched their first product line. When I used it at home for the first time, I gasped! Never before had I found a product that balanced moisture with weight. My hair was moisturised, but not dragged down by heavy product.

Rachael, a white women with curly brown hair, shows a before photo from 2020, where her hair struggles to curl at the root, and compares it with a photo from 2020, where her hair is curling from root to tip in a tighter curl pattern
Rachael in 2020 before her first curly cut (left) vs 2023 using Charlotte Noire (right)

Since then I have been trying to find a mousse and gel to compliment this. But nothing comes close! What I find amazing about the CN brand is the fact that products that work on my hair, also work on so many other curl types. Gone are the days where you need to try so many products. BUT... the Stylers line is not guaranteed. This is why Charlotte Noire is crowdfunding. I have pledged in the hope that we can support a local business and entrepreneur in her quest to get the line in the hands of more curly girls. Transitioning to natural hair can be tough, and I think without a persistent best friend and the team at the Curl Sanctuary, I would have given up. This transition doesn't have to be hard, and having the right products more readily available would lead to so many amazing things for us all.

Please join me in backing the campaign in any way you can, and share it with your friends and family. Together, we can have the product in our bathrooms instead of in our dreams!

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Jul 31, 2023

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