Curl Sanctuary Location and Opening Hours

Curl Sanctuary by Charlotte Noire

Chemin des Pontets 11, 1212 Grand-Lancy

Opening Hours

Monday: 9h30- 13h

Tuesday: 9h30-13h

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 9h-13h30

Friday: 9h-18h30

Saturday: 9h-18h

Sunday: Closed

Getting here

Train Stop: Lancy-Bachet

Trams: 12 (Palettes & Pontets) & 15 (Palettes)

Bus: 23

Blue zone parking available

The Curl Sanctuary

Want to hear a funny story? Charlotte Noire products came before The Sanctuary. With that said, our very first hair salon, the Curl Sanctuary by Charlotte Noire is a place where you can sanctuary away from home while trying out our signature products, accessories and tips for healthy hair care.

The Curl Sanctuary by Charlotte Noire is a whole VIBE! Ranging from our soft velvety couches, down to sipping a cappuccino with cinnamon, you will most likely feel like you’re at a friend’s home. At the Sanctuary, our staff is well equipped to meet all your curl needs while pairing and pampering your kinks, curls and coils.

Curly Cut

Choose from the Rëzo Cut, Big Chop or Curly wash with Trim

Color and Combos

We offer Curly Lights, Wash + Full Colour, Root Touch up & more..

Natural Hairstyles

Twist, Locs, Coils, California Silk Press, we offer a range of styles ..

Sanctuary Services

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Curl Sanctuary (noun) - Charlotte Noire’s curly hair salon; a haven where textured hair is celebrated and treated with the utmost care.

Charlotte Noire