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Sanctuary Sessions

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Hair salons have long been important social spaces for the Black community. Born and raised in the U.S., our Head-Charlotte-in-Charge, Jess, has always been aware of the role that salons and barbershops can play within communities of color.

Salons are where many of us grew up listening to grown-folks-conversation, learned that our mommas and aunties were in fact NOT one of our little friends, discussed religion, politics, world news and neighborhood shifts.

Jess and the Charlotte Noire team wanted to create that space and extend that same level of comedy, concern and support beyond the walls of The Curl Sanctuary, which is why we'll be launching our new podcast, Sanctuary Sessions in February!

Get ready for more of the conversation you love and appearances from special guests. We won't shy away from the tough subjects, but we will be supportive in discovering, supporting and including.

This will be a truthful space; an inclusive space; an intentional space and most of all a supportive and loving space.

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