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Boys with Curly Hair

Do any of you have a son? Young growing boys that have curly hair in your life? Is their curly hair any different from yours? I was surprised when the hair salon Curl-ish in Zurich asked for neutral colored bonnets for their men clientele. But why was I shocked? Curly hair is curly hair; it's either, too dry, too limp, just right or lacking the special umpf that we all want.

Curly Ez before trip to California 2019

Just like everyone else blessed with curls, it is important to hydrate and detangle little boys curls too.

Make or buy a daily moisturizing spray that contains water, a conditioning agent and a small amount of oil. This mix will help keep the ends from knotting up coupled with finger detangling. Remember, water is the curls friend.

These days, I have been paying more attention to my little Ezzie's curls. I recently decided to low-wash (use of a cleansing conditioner and low poo) his hair more often and what a difference it is making. Before, when he woke up, his hair was all over his hair with little to no curls, flat and dry. Now, the curls have more vibrancy and....CURL.

Curly Ez after curly cut by his aunt

What are your boys curl routines? Do you remember what your brother did to moisturize his curls? Please share a curly boy story.


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