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For a Healthy Hair Journey, Start Here

Healthy hair is our ultimate goal at Charlotte Noire. Every consultation we give and product chosen is with the specific intention of supporting all people with textured hair in their journey to hair health, first and foremost. For us, that journey begins with scalp health.

Getting to the Root of Healthy Tresses

Healthy hair isn't truly possible without a healthy scalp to grow from. While your hair may be at a length that you love or look great when styled, the truth is that your length will eventually plateau and styling will become difficult if your scalp isn't healthy.

The importance of protecting and nourishing your scalp is paramount because as you age, the skin on your scalp also ages. Without taking precautions to ensure the health of your scalp, with age you can begin to experience diminishing cell regeneration and premature scalp aging which leads to thinning hair. It's also possible that your hair stops retaining moisture.

Scalp Science

Did you know that the health of your scalp is related to PH balance? Understanding which products to avoid so you don't disturb your scalp's PH balance is incredibly important. Without this knowledge, you could mistakenly be using product that has the opposite effect and takes you farther away from your goal of healthy hair. Your hair is covered with an acid mantle made of water, salt and oil that can be contaminated or removed entirely during handling, washing and styling, so it's important to restore it.

Dandruff or Scalp Infection?

Dandruff causes flakiness of the scalp and can be caused by fungus, poor circulation or a scalp infection. However, if you experience redness, sores or open wounds, you should see a dermatologist immediately, especially if at-home dandruff shampoos don't seem to help.

Creating Your Scalp Care Routine

The ideal healthy scalp is nourished with vitamin D, oxygen, hydration and stimulation. So how can you incorporate all four?

To ensure that your scalp is getting all four, we recommend clarifying, hydrate from the inside out

To clarify hair and scalp, we recommend using Charlotte Noire's Curl Shampoo. This blend features soothing marigold extract will help to improve the state of your scalp and hydrate your strands. Shea butter softens hair and promotes healing. Vitamin E gives shine, smooths frizz and stimulates growth, while vegetable keratin strengthens and promotes elasticity to prevent breakage. This hydrating shampoo is the solution you're looking for, for a feel-good, stress-free wash-day.

Another question: did you know that scalp massages are good for you and your scalp? Not only is it relaxing, but it also supports circulation, exfoliation and clarification. So make time to give your head a good rub, and make time to replenish the nutrients your scalp needs to thrive!

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Feb 14, 2023

That scalp massage from Michelle has me in a chokehold 🤣

Feb 15, 2023
Replying to



Feb 09, 2023

I think I am one of those whose scalp has been to h£ll and back, and also have hardly given much thought to how I nourish my body for better hair growth. I have been doing more massages in recent times but I think I could put in more effort on the scalp care. Thank you for this information.😊

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