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Gifts for Curlies

Jess loves giving thoughtful gifts! Here are a few of her favorites for the curlies in her life.

I want to give the perfect gift to my curly friend(s)

Are you trying to think of the perfect gift for the curly in your life this year?

Aaaah the gift that keeps on giving…curly hair products and accessories! Luckily there is so much choice, but sometimes it’s not so easy to exercise that choice.

I believe in hair health so I think that any gift for a curly should lean towards that. There are tons of gifts that support those efforts and they can even be combined to give a self care package.

Charlotte Noire has you covered

I have noticed at the salon that some Charlottes are confused on what to buy for their curly friend(s). I say to that, try out our new products, get a gift card for any salon service or check out the cozy merch in shop or online. I don’t know about you, but I like to be as thoughtful as possible with gifts in general. They come from the heart. At the same time, I will not lose sleep because I don’t have the BEST gift. The best gift is one that comes from your heart…with some thought if you’re like me.

My favorite gift ideas from Charlotte Noire this year for the ultimate care package:

There are many other options such as our continuous spray bottle, scrunchies, and even #curlsmatter tees in our shop!

So, what Charlotte Noire combo would you make? Tell us in the comments!

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