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Charlotte Noire Haircare's Product Launch: One Charlotte's Take

Jess and Cherise share a joyful embrace at the product launch, hosted on November 26, 2022.

If you've been following us, you have probably seen our excitement for the launch of our new line of haircare products. Our founder, Jessica, has put so much time and effort into researching, testing and steadily improving the formula of each product and now, our Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, Curl Hydrator and Curl Serum are all available for preorder!

With our new line of products, extend your Charlotte Noire experience and hair health journey from the comfort of your own home.

To celebrate the hard work and dedication of Jessica and the rest of the team, we hosted a product launch event where our clients were invited to see, touch, smell and test our new line of products.

A night to remember, the launch event included games, opportunities to create connections, spaces for Charlotte Noire collaborators to share their products, delicious food and drinks, and a joyful ambiance for all. We spoke with one Charlotte, Cherise, who shared her experience of the product launch with us. Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Charlotte Noire (CN): How did you learn about the event? Cherise: I heard about the event through Jessica directly when I went to the salon to get my hair done. Also [I] have been talking with her about the products she was developing and her plans for the launch. I got the details and how to get tickets from an [announcement] email.

CN: What motivated you to attend?

Cherise: I have been going to the salon since August 2020 and loved how Jessica was developing [her] own products and loved what she does related to the salon, so I wanted to support her in any way that I could.

CN: What is your direct connection to curly hair? Are you or someone that you know a Charlotte?

Cherise: I have curly hair, I am a Charlotte and a number of my friends are Charlottes.

CN: What was the ambiance you felt and experienced during the event?

Cherise: It had a classy, trendy vibe similar to a reception for a premiere or something. I loved the signage over the bar and the balloons, which were elegant and well placed. The venue was very nice and I liked the different levels of activity and spaces.

CN: What did this event mean/represent to you?

Cherise: The event allowed me to get a better sense of the community of Charlottes and showed me how much potential there is for Jessica to really have an empire for curly hair with the salon, the products, the community, the events – there can even be a festival!

CN: How did being in attendance make you feel?

Jess and Cherise strike a pose while celebrating.

Cherise: So proud and excited to be associated with Jessica and the salon, to see such a gathering around curly hair, and to see Jessica realizing her dream and vision.

CN: What was your favorite moment of the event and why?

Cherise: Jessica's speech sharing her journey and what the launch meant to her.

CN: Would you recommend Charlotte Noire events for community/network building?

Cherise: I would definitely recommend it. I met both new and familiar faces and made at least 2 significant connections.

CN: What was your impression of the products being launched? What did you think about the packaging, feel and smell of them? Would you recommend them and why?

Cherise: Loved the softness and cleanness of the design of the bottles. The smell was not strong at all and the texture of the products seemed very rich. I still need to use the products and look forward to it, but would already recommend it due to knowing how much quality ingredients and work went into the formulations. It would be good at some point to have the bottles packaged in a kit with suggestions and steps for use.

CN: What would you want future Charlottes to know about the Curly Conscious Collective?

Cherise: That it exists and it is more than just hair, there are events, there are opportunities to connect, there is inspiration and there is empowerment.

We're grateful to Cherise for sharing her perspective with us.

No matter where you are on your journey to healthy hair, the team at Charlotte Noire Curl Sanctuary is ready to support you with education, connection and intention. Book your consultation or appointment today. Don't miss out on future Charlotte Noire events by signing up for our newsletter (bottom of the page).

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