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Bonnets...How Many of us Have Them?

So, as I stated in the first BLOGS, wrapping my hair at night was very important. Mom’s press & twist had to last more than a day. How many of you can relate to the Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon, sitting near the stove, grease on deck and mom pushing the neck forward. MEEEEEEEEEEE!!! While some found this day horrific, it wasn’t so bad with moms. It was when I had to get a press from auntie so & so that tested my reflexes.

Not sexy

How many people have trouble with their spouse and night headgear? From some friends and clients, I always heard the excuse that their significant others wouldn’t find it sexy. I am not convinced that this is always the case. Could it be that we are projecting this idea on our counterparts? If we were to express the benefits of the satin lined caps, shouldn’t that be enough? Let’s talk the satin bonnet, the good, the bad the ugly.

If we go back to the 14th & 15th century, we can see that the night bonnet was worn essentially for warmth and fashion depending on your status. Today, we have combined these two elements with maintaining healthy hair. We know that satin or silk lined bonnets also help with moisture retention and split ends.

Sleeping with a satin cap means no more split ends. It protects your hair from the dryness caused by friction between your hair and moisture-absorbing materials such as cotton. (Verlo, 2017)

Sexy is subjective. What does it mean to you? If wearing a bonnet keeps you from getting’ some lovin’, then that’s another conversation.

Is the Satin bonnet only meant for black women?

Is this really a debate? Seeing how the bonnet has evolved and its origins, the satin lined bonnets are for anyone who wants to purchase them. It is especially for those that suffer from dry and brittle hair. Curly hair just so happens to be both. There are women from all cultures that have curly hair and too struggle with moisture retention and messy curls when they wake up.

The difference between a head wrap and a bonnet?

Head wraps are great for cornrows, relaxers, ponytails and flat styles. Bonnets are great for curls, braids, afro’s and BIG HAIR! Can you wear them together? Abso-freakin’-lootly!!! We need those wraps always for our edges, then we pair it with a bonnet for the ULTIMATE protection. Call it the D-Bo of hair security.

Chinese manufactured bonnet


The price of bonnets varies from huge suppliers in China to your artisan bonnet creator like Charlotte Noire Hair Care. So, you can get a bonnet for as low as 5 bucks in America. This will be your most basic bonnet with no frills. You can pay upwards of 60 bucks or more for a custom-made bonnet. It truly depends on the quality of the materials used and the amount of detail the designer puts into making each bonnet. IT TAKES TIME! At Charlotte Noire, the material is thoughtfully selected, we use a solid elastic, thread, sewing machine, sewing tools and love. We the designers are not only thinking about the style but the functionality and comfort of your sleep while sporting a satin cap.

What does it mean to wear a satin bonnet in 2019?

Black people tend to have dry and fragile hair. Breakage can occur due to friction between the hair and a cotton (or synthetic) pillowcase fibers. A silk scarf or bonnet protects the hair from breakage. It can also help maintain a hairstyle if the hairstyle is "set" to last for several days. (Verlo, 2017)

Both satin and silk support healthy skin and hair while you sleep. ... Because while other materials may tug at your hair follicles and strip your skin of natural, important oils, satin and silk provide a smooth sleep surface.

While warmth and split ends are a major factor, a visually appealing bonnet might be another reason why you wear one. Some people even collect them. MEEEEEEEE!!! (Especially since I make them) Today’s bonnet wearer understands the importance of feeling beautiful for self and taking care of curls that need a little extra T.L.C. (Tender, love & care)

We may no longer need nightcaps to keep us warm at night, but they sure do come in handy from a beauty perspective. Perhaps you want to keep your long locks free of dead ends so that you can spend less time at the hair salon. Maybe you simply feel sophisticated slipping on a stylish bonnet. (Verlo, 2017) Whatever your reason for keeping the night gear tradition alive, there are a variety of affordable and attractive satin bonnets for you to choose from here at our bonnet shop.


Remember to be BOLD about your bonnet choice, don’t be afraid to try a new nightly routine and love the hair you got!


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