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Curl-conscious Love

Love is a beautiful thing. It isn't always easy, but when it's right, it's amazing.

And it's the same for loving your curly hair.

Loving your curls doesn't come easily for everyone. But here are highlights along the journey:

Fire and desire...

You know how you see a person and begin flirting to let them know that they got your attention? That moment also exists for your hair!

It's the moment that you realize you want to put your energy into your hair. You're attracted by the plump, juicy, bouncy waves, curls, or coils that grow from your scalp. The attraction is strong and the desire is palpable. You know what you want and are making moves to get it. Let's call this flirting with a look that you could grow to love.

Getting to know you

In relationships, it takes time to truly get to know the other person. There's learning their personality, their likes and dislikes, their moods and triggers, and how you can be the caring and supportive partner that they need. And just when you think you know everything there is to know about them, you see them evolve in front of your eyes and hopefully, you're evolving together.

With your curls, it's the same period of getting to know them and what they like and dislike. What do they need to grow and thrive? What makes them shine bright like a diamond? What gives them and inner and outer glow? What gives them that extra healthy bounce that you love to see so much?

Investing in this period will shape the ones to follow tremendously. Building a solid knowledge base and comfort with your hair, it's texture and needs will help you to grow with your hair.

Dazed and disillusioned

So now you're off to a start with your hair. You've been doing the research, buying the products and tools, and keeping a routine, but it's still not quite what you thought it would be. It requires more of your time and energy than you originally thought but you want to stick with what do you do?

"Houston, we have a problem..."

No relationship is without its challenges and there will be times when your hair will challenge you in ways you don't necessarily expect. That could look like a change in moisture retention, excess shedding, or, split ends, just to name few common ones. The beauty is that through attending to your hair with intention, dedication and consciousness, all of these can be improved.

You may be asking, "how?"

Commit to staying the path. Sometimes, commitment to a desired outcome requires help from an external source. Just as there are therapists and mediators to assist couples in communicating better and finding solutions or resolutions, there are specialists for your curls too!

(Pro tip: Charlotte Noire is full of them. Book a free consultation to get the support you need.)

Falling in love

One day, you may realize that through the ups and downs, the good always outweighs the bad. You've been able to overcome tough times in the beginning stages and you realize that you are in love.

Love grows over time and not always is the perfect conditions. Sometimes love is found when a person least expects it. No matter the journey to loving your curls, remember that like every couple, your relationship with your curls is unique. The journey you will take together is unique. Sometimes you won't be sure of exactly what it needs but if you commit to finding out and giving it what it needs to flourish and thrive you will find that loving your curls is less about what they look like as a end result and more about the attention you give to each one over time, consciously and consistently.

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Katty Modestoss
Katty Modestoss
14 thg 3, 2023


Rachael C
Rachael C
28 thg 2, 2023

So true!! It’s a journey


jessica Dupertuis
jessica Dupertuis
21 thg 2, 2023

A curl love story! It could be a film “Girl meets curl“ ❤️


15 thg 2, 2023

Consciously and that's some curl love right there 🙌🏾

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