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Winter Time Natural

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Yup, that’s me. Skiing for the first time. Or should I say, falling on my ass and bending my knees in ways I never thought would be possible. If you wanna swap first ski experience stories, please come to the salon or comment below. I’m really here to speak with you about your Hair + Winter + Oils.

Let’s cut to the chase: it's true, if you’ve noticed your whipped shea butter is only working when you travel home or when you're vacationing in warmer climates. Like any butter, when cold, it solidifies. Solid butter in the hair will not only have you wondering what the heck is going on, you may wonder:

  • Why does my hair still feel dry

  • How can I keep my hair moisturized

  • What has changed

Let me answer some of these questions and let‘s discuss your thoughts.

Why does my hair still feel so dry?

Like most oils, they tend to coat the hair which works well in warmer climates and can work well depending on hair texture. Butters could be a GREAT sealant, but you’ve gotta know the proportion and its time of use. If I’m in the desert and I drink a cup of oil, I probably won‘t make it versus if I have a cup of water. I have heard countless times, "my hair is so so dry, but I use a lot of oil". Well, there’s one answer: oils don‘t equal hydration.

How can I keep my hair moisturized?

Using the proper tools and water are some of your first defenses. Use water properly and efficiently by sectioning hair and having a plan. Wearing simple styles like twist, light braids (low tension) loose updos while washing your hair regularly will help keep moisture. Make sure you're drinking well because what we take in is what is coming out. Consider these tips when hydration is lacking:

  • water your hair enough while washing

  • try Charlotte Noire products (a great balance of fats and water)

  • am I drinking enough? (water, tea, natural juices)

  • layer products properly

What has changed ?

When I left California, my big chop was fresh. I knew I wanted to grow my hair so I made a solid plan and it worked. Wash and deep conditioner once a week with juicy, watery shea butter filled twist. Then after some time, there was a huge change, my hair grew at a slower pace and felt dry, So I changed my routine, added more water then subtracted the butter; my hair took a turn for the better. I would like you to consider your lifestyle changes, then change with them! Try our Curl Serum which is packed with oils that will penetrate and are better suited for this European weather.

It was great chatting with you!

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